Farm Stay Cabin for Rent

     The cabin was built by the first owner of Jagumba in 1964 and after he left the farm, it was sadly neglected.   When Barry and I bought the farm in 2007, we decided to fix it up rather than bulldoze it, so we tackled the project in 2010.  It is situated on a small rise overlooking the river flats from which you can follow a nice track down to the Tooma River, or take a short stroll to nearby Pounds Creek.  From the back veranda you can watch the deer come out to feed in the evenings and listen to the kookaburras and magpies as you watch the colour changes on Black Jack mountain and the quartz pinnacle as the sun goes down. 


   It is a 2 bedroom cottage with a double bed in the smaller room and a double and a single bed in the larger bedroom.  There is a spare single mattress under one of the double beds that can accommodate another person, if required.  All bedding, linen and towels are supplied. 

   The bathroom has a toilet and shower. 


 The kitchen has a slow combustion stove that heats the hot water and can be used for cooking, or alternatively, there is a 4 burner gas cooktop.  There is also a full size gas refrigerator and a big barbecue on the back veranda.  The kitchen is fully equipped, so all you need to bring is your food. 


 The cabin is powered by a generator that runs on ULP, or you can enjoy the overwhelming racket of the crickets, kookaburras, magpies, etc. if you use the candles that are provided. 


     We are currently charging $100 per night for up to 4 people in the cottage and $25 per additional person. If there is a large group, they are welcome camp on the spacious lawn around the cottage at an additional $25 per tent or vehicle.  We supply the gas for the fridge, barbecue and gas cooktop as well as the wood for the slow combustion stove, fireplace, and outdoor fire pit. We also supply ULP for the generator to be conservatively used for evening lighting. A one time fee of $20 is charged to help defray some of the costs of supplying these various fuels. 
     The farm is fairly remote, 50km from Tumbarumba, tucked right back into the mountains against the Kosciuszko National Park.  During the wet winter weather, a 4X4 vehicle is necessary to get to the cabin, but during the dry weather, a 2 wheel drive vehicle can make the journey without any problems.